7-23-2019. Chicago, IL — WHPK. Radio Dada. With Andrew Dietz, Ara Hanissian II, Nik Varley.

7-15-2019. Chicago, IL — Myopic Books. Duo set with Tyler Damon.

7-6-2019. Chicago, IL — Private house show.

5-25-2019. Chicago, IL — Constellation. The Time To Come record release show. With Sam Wagster.

5-25-2019. Chicago, IL — First Unitarian Church. WHPK Summer Breeze. With Ara Hanissian as Phish DJ Set (secret show). [Cancelled.]

4-27-2019. Chicago, IL — The Hexas Club (private house show). With BD(A), sleepwalk.

3-30-2019. Los Angeles, CA — The Hopper. With Moon Bros + John Herndon, Diana Wade.

3-29-2019. Los Angeles, CA — USC Arts & Music Festival.

3-16-2019. Chicago, IL — Logan Center for the Arts. With Mute Duo.

3-9-2019. Chicago, IL — House show.

2-7-2019. Chicago, IL — Apartment show. Voices After Hours. With Voices in Your Head.

2-1-2019. Chicago, IL — Private house concert.

2-1-2019. Chicago, IL — The Revival. Off-Off Campus.

1-31-2019. Chicago, IL — UChicago Folklore Showcase.


Winter 2018 Tour with Cameron Knowler.

12-20-2018. Dallas, TX — Top Ten Records. With Great Heart.

12-21-2018. Lubbock, TX — Skooners. With Hayden Pedigo, Ian Rodriguez, Sleepy Wauson, Above the Empire.

12-23-2018. Marfa, TX — Bar Saint George.

12-24-2018. Terlingua, TX — Starlight Theatre.

12-26-2018. Austin, TX — House show.

12-27-2018. Austin, TX — Private house concert.

12-27-2018. Austin, TX — The Bird Barn. With Mike Molnar.

12-28-2018. Fredericksburg, TX — The Club at Barons CreekSide. [Cancelled.]

12-29-2018. Houston, TX — House show. With Evan Morgan.

10-29-2018. Chicago, IL — House show. With Botany Pond.

9-22-2018. Austin, TX — House show. With Jerry David DeCicca, Spencer Dobbs.

Summer Tour 2018 with The Fossil Lickers.

7-29-2018. Columbia, SC — The War Mouth. With Rosali, Brodie Porterfield and Kelley MacLachlan.

7-30-2018. Chapel Hill, NC — The Nightlight. With Incidental Exercise, Crowmeat and Christensen.

7-31-2018. Asheville, NC — Revolve.

8-1-2018 to 8-5-2018. Clifftop, WV — Appalachian String Band Festival.

8-5-2018. Charlottesville, VA — The Magnolia House. With Jordan Perry, Jack and Marie.

8-7-2018. Fredericksburg, VA — The Half. With Kevin Coleman, Evan Morgan.

8-8-2018. Washington, DC — Rhizome. With Kevin Coleman, Issa Sherzad.

8-9-2018. Baltimore, MD. B503 — With Mark Fosson, Evan Morgan, Tee Tree Trio.

8-10-2018. Philadelphia, PA — Random Tea Room. With Evan Morgan.

8-11-2018. New York, NY — Trans-Pecos. With Nighttime.

8-12-2018. New Haven, CT — Never Ending Books. With Evan Morgan, daniprobably.

8-13-2018. Boston, MA — Dorchester Arts Project. With Ash and Herb, Joseph Allred.

8-14-2018. Greenfield, MA — The Root Cellar. With Joseph Allred.

8-15-2018. Columbus, OH. 2365 — With Evan Morgan, Cameron Knowler, Matthew J. Rolin.

8-16-2018. Chicago, IL. Comfort Station — With Evan Morgan, Sam Wagster.

8-17-2018. Nashville, TN. Proper Saké — With John Allingham.

8-18-2018. Memphis, TN. The Bat Cave — With Evan Morgan, abojigcaeua.

7-20-2018. Houston, TX — The Secret Group. With Salsa, Poketomuzin, Trembler.

7-11-2018. Houston, TX — The Secret Group. With Weller, Ari & the Skeletones.

5-24-2018. Chicago, IL — Hallowed Grounds. Be Kind To Your Mind.

5-18-2018. Chicago, IL — Hungry Brain. With Ryley Walker, Mute Duo.

5-10-2018. Chicago, IL — Logan Center for the Arts. Festival of the Arts.

5-5-2018. Chicago, IL — With Cordoba, Graphics, Robert J. Zimmer?

4-6-2018. Chicago, IL — OPTIONS. With Ryley Walker, Health&Beauty, Jay Peppers.

3-2-2018. Chicago, IL — Bond Chapel. With PHiNiX, Off Off Campus, Voices In Your Head, Men in Drag.

2-25-2018. Chicago, IL — Logan Center. Logan Center Cabaret.


12-15-2017. Houston, TX — Houston Access to Urban Sustainability Project. With Victor Hernandez, Thickets, Tom Carter and Andrew Durham.

11-30-2017. Chicago, IL — Hallowed Grounds. With The Lean Mean String Bean Machine, Jacob Walter, Dazed Winter, Old Sol, SHUBA.

11-10-2017. Evanston, IL — Twentytwo twentytwo no. 1: Benefit for Chicago HOPES for Kids. With Jack Fay, Colin Evans, a big ol junebug is gonna come and eat us all, Duo Tekke.

10-5-2017. Chicago, IL — Cooperation Operation. Perform/Transform 2: Everything Now!

9-16-2017. Houston, TX — Vinal Edge. With Will Csorba and Cameron Knowler.

Summer 2017 Texas Bullet Train Mini-Tour. With Will Csorba and Cameron Knowler.

9-7-2017. Dallas, TX — Opening Bell Coffee.

9-8-2017. Garland, TX — Rosalind Coffee.

9-9-2017. Houston, TX — Bohemeo’s.

9-1-2017. Houston, TX — House show. With Will Csorba, Will Larsen.

8-12-2017. Houston, TX — Christmas Island. With Being Frank, Ancient Gods, White House Party Crashers.

8-6-2017. Houston, TX — Walter’s Downtown. With Amanda Pascali, Mitchell Watson.

7-22-2017. Houston, TX — Bohemeo’s.

7-5-2017. Houston, TX — House show. With Will Csorba, James Trimble, Cameron Knowler, Hannah Underwood.

6-4-2017. Chicago, IL — Logan Center for the Arts. deja sera zine release.

5-19-2017. Chicago, IL — Knowhere. With Handgrenades, Crooked Hill, Dogs At Large.

5-14-2017. Chicago, IL — Logan Center for the Arts. Festival of the Arts Finale Soirée.

5-13-2017. Chicago, IL — Louder House. Free Writes Benefit Fest. With Faintlife, Extravision, Brooks Strause, Artificer, Curt Oren & Rose Bouboushian.

5-9-2017. Chicago, IL — WHPK. Radio Dada. With Andrew Fialkowski.

4-27-2017. Chicago, IL — VANS on Rush. With Capital Soiree, Odea, Tommy Zhang.

4-22-2017. Chicago, IL — Washington Park Arts Festival.

3-21-2017. Houston, TX — Walter’s Downtown. With Will Csorba, Tom Carter.

3-17-2017. Houston, TX — Christmas Island. With Jicky, Jesus Chris + The Beetles, The Greatest View.

3-9-2017. Chicago, IL — Robie House. With Christopher Good.

2-3-2017. Chicago, IL — The Empty Bottle. With Daniel Bachman, Jaime Fennelly, Moon Bros., Jim Becker.

1-29-2017. Chicago, IL — Silent Funny.

1-9-2017. Chicago, IL — University of Chicago. Arts Coffeehouse — See Through Stigma Week.


12-29-2016. Houston, TX — House show. With Amanda Pascali.

12-19-2016. Houston, TX — House show. With Evan Morgan, Rag Lore, Will Csorba, Hayden Wright.

11-30-2016. Chicago, IL — Hallowed Grounds. With SHUBA, Chief Wicked, TR!C.

11-26-2016. Chicago, IL — Chillfest Chicago.

11-20-2016. Chicago, IL — Connect Hyde Park.

11-19-2016. Chicago, IL — Connect Hyde Park.

11-4-2016. Evanston, IL — Epic Burger, With Mukqs, Friends of the Bog, Brock Stuessi.

10-8-2016. Chicago, IL — 61st Street Farmers’ Market.

9-10-2016. Houston, TX — House show. With Margo Cilker, Will Csorba, Garrett Marsh.

9-3-2016. Houston, TX — Redbud Gallery.

8-26-2016. Houston, TX — Bohemeo’s. With Hayden Jones, Will Csorba.

8-22-2016. Houston, TX — Kindred. With Andrew Lavelle.

8-6-2016. Houston, TX — Redbud Gallery.

7-22-2016. Houston, TX — Bohemeo’s. With Jakob Hulten.

7-2-2016. Houston, TX — Walter’s Downtown. With King Khan and the Shrines, Giorgio Murderer.

6-28-2016. Houston, TX — Super Happy Fun Land. With Kill the Intellectuals, Sky Choice.

6-22-2016. Houston, TX — Super Happy Fun Land. With Justin Payne, Space Kiddettes.

6-14-2016. Houston, TX — Rudyard’s. With Steve Gunn, Promised Land Sound. [Cancelled.]

6-10-2016. Houston, TX — Texas Art Asylum. Teen Council Group Show.

6-9-2016. Houston, TX — EQ Heights. With Will Csorba.

6-4-2016. Houston, TX — Bohemeo’s. With Will Csorba.

5-28-2016. Houston, TX — Christmas Island. With Will Csorba, Jakob Hulten.

4-26-2016. Houston, TX — Satellite Bar. With Bell & Tom, The Receiver.

4-9-2016. Houston, TX — TEDxHISD.

4-8-2016. Houston, TX — Aerosol Warfare.

4-1-2016. Houston, TX — A Second Cup.

3-17-2016. Houston, TX — Notsuoh. With Snailmate, Jamal Rahal.

3-12-2016. Houston, TX — Dan Electro’s Guitar Bar. With Mouthful of Kreatures, 14th Dive, Crowded Isolation, H.O.R.S.E.

3-6-2016. Houston, TX — A Second Cup.

3-5-2016. Houston, TX — Beans Cafe and Coffeehouse. With Isaac Romero.

1-30-2016. Houston, TX — Memorial Village Farmers’ Market. With Will Csorba.


11-15-2015. Houston, TX — Contemporary Arts Museum Houston. Teen Council Music Festival 2015.

8-1-2015. Houston, TX — Thread — Stylish Kids’ Resale. White Linen Nights in the Heights.

6-4-2015. Houston, TX — Super Happy Fun Land. With H.O.R.S.E.